Welcome to ClayRach.ca where I share my passions helping people and helping businesses through the continuous education and personal experiences I’ve gone through in growing myself and building businesses.

After being told by a friend they were trying very hard with no visible results and that it appeared like I was making it look easy, I was asked to show my process and my personal coaching career began.

After explaining to a friend how I was able to overcome and conquer my self-doubts to bust through the glass ceiling after being told I wasn’t good enough to grow further in a company, I was asked to share my story at one of their events and my public speaking career began.

After an introduction from a friends because of shared visions towards business operations and new friendship and partnership was forged and my business consulting career began.

Continuously curious about how to do things better I’ve studied as much as i can from the best of the best and applied my new found knowledge to see what works for me and also experience what might work well for others. Learn more about my services and ask yourself, how much more can I accomplish with a little help from someone who’s been there and done that?